Freelance Azure-expert via Tergos

After completing his Biomedical Engineering studies, Mike started searching for a job. He never thought that within a few years he would be working in IT. As a versatile Microsoft Azure expert, he is currently employed through Tergos. He is involved in various projects related to cloud FinOps for different companies. 

A broad view of customers' cloud solutions

As an Azure specialist, Mike is currently assisting two major companies with their cloud FinOps journeys through Tergos. FinOps is a cost optimization process designed to support organizations in making thoughtful decisions regarding the allocation and management of their cloud expenses. The ultimate goal is to maximise revenue or business value through the cloud. Understanding the big picture is crucial for this and that is exactly what Mike finds so interesting about it.

Even during his studies, he had a broader perspective, engaging with physicists, doctors and people from the IT department. In his current role, various fields of expertise come together, and he operates at the intersection of business and IT.

In the translation of solutions, he realises that this broad perspective adds significant value. "I delve into the issues and if there is a part I’m not familiar to, I read further into it if necessary. This way, I can provide valuable advice to my clients, knowing exactly which steps to come to a solution."  

The first encounter with Tergos during a meet-up

Mike made his initial contact with Tergos a few years ago at a meet-up organised by the company. As a freelancer keen on keeping his knowledge and network up to date, he regularly attends such gatherings. During this event, he engaged in a conversation with a recruitment consultant from Tergos, who asked him what he was looking for.

Mike specified his requirements, expressing for example a preference for working a maximum of 2-3 days a per week for a client to maintain variety. There happened to be an available assignment at the time that aligned perfectly with his criteria. He had the opportunity to work on a freelance basis to find out if there was a match with the assignment and as it turned out, there was a match indeed. Since then, he has been placed by Tergos five times with different clients. 

The experience of

Azure-expert Mike

“Make sure your consultant knows what energizes you”

Variety provides endless energy

In his Azure projects, Mike often collaborates with other specialists, adding an extra layer of challenge. While different disciplines often align, it also happens regularly that they do not. He believes that the friction that can arise in such situations is a valuable learning experience: "The parties often share the same vision, but sometimes a different one. When that happens, it is even more enjoyable to eventually deliver a solution together." This also means that no cloud project is the same; the solution may be, but the path to it is different for each organisation.  

The variety that Mike still finds in his projects is also evident in the things he does alongside the clients’ projects. He conducts workshops, provides support to international startups, and he is even writing a book. All these activities combined allow him to continue evolving and provide insights into various companies. He derives a lot of energy from the diversity, enabling him to best assist his clients.   

A good relationship with your recruitment consultant is half the battle

After five freelance projects, Mike has built a good relationship with Tergos' consultants. The projects vary in duration, sometimes lasting for 2 months, sometimes a year or more. He does not work full-time for a single client. It also happens that he works for multiple clients of Tergos. He appreciates that they know him well, understanding precisely the kind of assignments where he prefers to apply his expertise.

"Transferring knowledge is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my projects. Once I've done that, I am eager to tackle a new assignment. Because they know me well at Tergos, all I have to do is to mention it to my main contact Juliette. She knows where my strengths lie. I don't have to explain that every time."   

Share your preferences

Share your preferences

So, for specialists like himself who are looking for variety, he has some good advice: "If you build a good relationship with the team of recruiters, they know you well. They understand your preferences. When that happens, you will always be placed in interesting assignments. I actually never have to search for a new project. That's a very big advantage."