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You’re a Cloud or DevOps expert. Tergos is an expert in making the best IT job matches. Tell us about the projects and industries where your Cloud or DevOps skills can add the most value. And we’ll find the best matching challenges for you. Don't waste time searching for companies that meet your standards. Utilise our expertise and benefit from our strong network.


Cloud and DevOps specialists design, implement, and manage IT infrastructure, focusing on scalable solutions. They configure servers, storage, networks, and integrate cloud services. Cloud specialists focus specifically on cloud services and applications. DevOps specialists bridge the gap between developers and team operations. Both aim for efficiency, reliability, and continuous improvement of IT processes.

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By listening closely to you and focusing on one IT specialisation, one type of employment, and one region, our consultants know exactly which vacancy or client in our network is the right fit for you. We guide and support you during and after the application process and can mediate any type of employment for you. Share your ambitions and preferences with us, and let's work together to shape your future.


Are you a Cloud or DevOps specialist? Our partners are waiting for you! We have a range of interesting vacancies that will fit your skills and aspirations. In a wide range of organisations: from high-tech companies like ASML to Fintech, and from startups to pension funds. Tell us in which Cloud or DevOps specialisation your next challenge lies and in which work environment you thrive. We'll find your match.

In-Demand Cloud and DevOps profiles

Cloud Engineer, Platform Engineers, and DevOps Engineers

As a Cloud, Platform, or DevOps Engineer, you work with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google (GCP). Cloud Engineers manage the cloud infrastructure and ensure operational stability. Platform Engineers optimise the cloud platform for software development and operations. Thanks to DevOps Engineers, developers and operations work together optimally, enabling fast deployment. Knowledge of automation, containerisation (Kubernetes), and CI/CD is essential.

Site Reliability Engineer

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you optimise system reliability and performance on platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. You work proactively and efficiently, focusing on automating operational processes, fault recovery, and advanced monitoring. For this, you need in-depth knowledge of networks, security, and scripting (such as Python). And you work with tools like Kubernetes and Prometheus.

Cloud (Solution) Architects

As a Cloud (Solution) Architect, you design and implement cloud solutions on platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. You integrate cloud services, secure systems, and make them scalable. Your skill set includes a.o. in-depth knowledge of cloud architecture and networks.

Linux Engineers and Architects

As a Linux Engineer or Architect, you manage and optimise Linux systems. You ensure network stability and server security and are proficient in shell scripting, Ansible, and containerisation (Docker). You work with various teams to develop robust and scalable solutions. Your expertise makes you indispensable for the organisation's technological advancement and efficiency.

Cloud and DevOps


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