Hosting and Connectivity specialist

Your specialism lies in Hosting or Connectivity, and you're ready to advance. How do you swiftly find the role, project or work environment that perfectly aligns with your skills and aspirations? Don't waste time on conversations with organisations that eventually don't meet your standards. Tergos has got you covered.

About Hosting and Connectivity

Specialists in Hosting and Connectivity manage, optimise, and secure internet infrastructure and network connections. They ensure reliable and safe network environments and online services like websites and apps. And ensure secure data transfer between systems.

Our approach

By listening closely to you, focusing on one IT specialisation, one type of employment, and one region, our consultants know exactly which one of our clients or vacancies suits you. We guide and support you during and after your application process, facilitating any type of employment arrangement. Share your ambitions and preferences with us, and let's shape your future together.


As a specialist in Hosting or Connectivity, every organisation that is active online and relies on connectivity and digital services needs your expertise. With shifts towards virtualisation, VMWare, and hybrid clouds, demand is only growing. We can offer you jobs and projects in a wide range of sectors. For example, major energy companies or financial institutions. Or take on a challenge in Logistics, or in the complex data centres of governmental agencies. Let’s find your perfect job match!

In-demand Hosting and Connectivity profiles

OT designer

As an OT Designer, you focus on designing and optimising network infrastructures within Operational Technology. You have extensive knowledge of cyber security, network architecture, and managing industrial control systems. Including SCADA systems, PLC programming, and network analysis tools. Just like your field, you are continuously developing. Keeping infrastructures safe and efficient.

VMWare specialist

VMWare specialist, our partners need you! Your expertise in virtualisation technologies is essential for any organisation. You ensure resilient, efficient infrastructures by implementing, managing, and optimising VMWare environments. Your skills in vSphere, vSAN, NSX, automation, and cloud integrations are invaluable.

Project leader Hybrid Cloud

As a project leader for Hybrid Cloud, you manage projects that seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud infrastructures. You possess deep knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, combined with project management and IT infrastructure skills. Your leadership ensures smooth migrations and efficient hybrid environments. Will you lead a project at one of our partners?

Automation Network engineer

As an Automation Network engineer, you speed up networks and strengthen organisations. You automate network operations within data centres and cloud environments. Key to this are your scripting skills (e.g., Python) and your knowledge of SDN technologies and network automation tools like Ansible and Terraform. Your automation skills speed up implementations and enhance network reliability.

Hosting and Connectivity


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Find through Tergos the elusive ideal Hosting or Connectivity job or project that matches your ambition, preferences, and skills. And quickly! From innovative startups to well-known multinationals, we’ll connect you with them. We will introduce you and can mediate any type of employment: from freelance to permanent and everything in between.


Work as a freelance Hosting or Connectivity specialist for various clients on a project basis.

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Search and selection

Find a permanent Hosting or Connectivity job that matches your ambitions, preferences and skills.

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Join Tergos as a Hosting or Connectivity specialist and be seconded to our clients. 

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