10,000th IT professional for Vibe Group

​Since 2011, Vibe Group has been successful in placing thousands of IT professionals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This is done in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This year, Vibe Group placed the 10,000th IT professional: an Application Manager at a German FinTech company. This milestone was achieved by the German office of Spilberg, part of Vibe Group.


For more than 12 years, Spilberg, Visser & Van Baars, Eswelt and Tergos (all part of Vibe Group) have been matching organisations to highly skilled IT professionals. And with success. In the Netherlands, Vibe Group is the market leader in IT staffing. With the achievement of the 10,000th placement, we look back on this success.

Driven consultants

First of all, the client or candidate always contacts a passionate and specialised Sales Consultant from one of our brands: Spilberg, Visser & Van Baars, Tergos and Eswelt. Spilberg's specialism in IT development and testing was also decisive in the 10,000th match.

The company was looking for an Application Manager with a Java background and programming skills to install, monitor and develop IT applications. Sales Consultant Hoang Phi Vu set about finding the right candidate with determination. Together with the company's team, he worked out the best candidate journey and informed the team about the current market situation and related trends.

Knowing clients

Knowing clients

Like Phi, all Vibe Group's Sales Consultants know their clients inside out. This is the only way to find the perfect candidate.

"I know the culture and people at the company very well. Sometimes it feels like I am an internal employee for them. In addition, I find personal contact important. Thanks to good communication and feedback, we understood each other better and better during the process. This contributed to the success of the match," Phi explains.

Triple niche focus

Our triple niche focus allows us to respond perfectly to our clients' needs. Mennold Leijerzapf, CEO at Vibe Group, said:

"I am convinced that we largely owe our success to our 'triple niche focus'. Our brands specialise in Intelligence, Data & Analytics, IT Development & Testing, ERP & CRM and IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security. Within these brands, our Sales Consultants are focused on one IT specialism, one region and one type of employment. This ensures that both candidates and clients always interact with someone who speaks their language and knows their labour market."

Successful matches

All Vibe Group brands follow a proven placement process. Candidate selection is taken over from clients so they do not have to. All candidates are spoken to face-to-face, giving a good picture of their skills, ambitions and personality. Our clients are only presented with candidates who are suitable for the position and also match the organisation on a personal level. This saves a lot of time and effort and increases the chances of a successful match.

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